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For the real enthousiast! The Century 9.8mm T2.3. This lens is a rehoused Kinoptik Tégéa 9.8mm T2.3 by Century Precision Optics, which has an internal 2×2 filter capability and is designed to cover the 35mm film format. It comes with 4 filters that can be inserted into the lens. Curious what it can do for you? Send us a message or call us for more info! ;)

Welcome to the world of infrared! Infrared filters are now available at Camalot. They are perfect for adding to a full spectrum conversion or on top of another infrared conversion to get a different effect. Every filter has its advantages but all of them are perfect for creating attention grabbing nature/landscapes. We have 4 different IR filters (590nm, 665nm, 720nm and 850nm) that are available in 1 set. In the upcoming weeks we will be sharing some useful tips about these 4 different filters. ▶️ Watch this 19 minute clip if you're interested to see the different effects. Any questions? Shoot us a message!

Former Pink Floyd bass guitar player Roger Waters performed last weekend in the Ziggo Dome. What an incredible show and we were excited to be part of it! For all his concerts in the Ziggo Dome we distributed a set of 20 cameras, of which 13 were RED Helium's and 7 of them RED Monstro's (with the appropriate lenses). This exclusive high-end production was shot in 8K with Vista Vision lenses. The very comprehensive grip package consisted of a movie bird, multiple dollies and flying equipment. 📸 by Johan van Elk! Also many thanks to United and Angenieux Lenses!

We are excited to announce that we are the first European rental house with the ZEISS Supreme Prime Lenses. They are available in a set of 5 and are designed for large-format sensor coverage, making them the ideal choice for current and future camera systems such as the ARRI Alexa LF, the Sony Venice and de RED Monstro. ⏩ Want to find out more about the ZEISS lenses? Read more here ->

ARRI #LARGEFORMAT has arrived! ☺️

Back from TLS: Lomography x Zenit Petzval: same swirly bokeh, new housing:

NAB Las Vegas with @smart_assist @brighttangerine @ducloslenses @atlaslensco ☺️

Our 4K laser theater can now be used to evaluate your camera tests and footage! Contact us for options! 📽

Prepping for the Toto: 40 Trips around the Sun show in the Ziggo Dome! @ Camalot Amsterdam

Belgium Business! 🇧🇪 Be sure to follow Camalot Belgium to get the latest updates 🎊

Our #VENICE and Servicevision Scorpio Fullframe Anamorphics taking a well-deserved coffee break!

New at Camalot Amsterdam, the Sony #Venice! With a brand new 36x24mm sensor, the Venice is capable of recording Full Frame 6K, Super35 4K and 4K Anamorphic. A built-in 8 step ND filter wheel and the Dual Base ISO mode with native values at 500 and 2500 ensures optimal control and low noise levels. The Sony Venice is capable of recording ProRes, XAVC, X-OCN or RAW. Available starting today, contact us for more information or come by and take a look!

Here's a little blast from the past, the arrival of our very first RED ONE cameras from RED Digital Cinema, numbers 44 to 48. 10 years ago! They are still available to rent if you want, and two of them have been upgraded all the way, via Mysterium-X, Dragon, Helium and now #Monstro Full Frame! #TBT #RED Camalot Amsterdam Camalot Belgium #20yearsofCamalot

Our Super Baltars are back from servicing! 100% new house, 100% vintage look. Thanks again TLS!

Our friends from True Lens Services are working hard on the Anamorphic Dyaliscope lenses we found in an old chateau in France! They have been working on pairing the anamorphic fronts up with the Kinoptik base lens, and have then been cleaned and mechanics including the focus freed up. All base lenses checked so far have a very nice image, the conversion will be to fit PL mount. If you haven't read the article in the FD Times last summer you can still read it here, page 42 and 43:

We are proud to sponsor the winners of the Shortcutz Amsterdam Awards and this year it is the 5th-Anniversary! Check out the link below if you want to be there on Sunday the 21st at EYE Filmmuseum!

We celebrated 20 years of Camalot on Friday the 15th of December, thanks to you all for making it a great party! All shots by MAZHO Photography

New lenses: rehoused Hasselblad from our friends at Whitepoint Optics Oy, covering full frame!

We bought new batteries! The bebob Cube 1200 delivers power to your camera and all sorts of accessories on any location. All standard outputs are integrated: 12, 24, and even 48 Volt. The charger is built-in, just plug in the power cable and you are good to go. Oh and yes: it also charges your phone 😉

In de ochtend van 8 december (09:00-12:00) zal er een hands-on zijn met Sony's nieuwe paradepaartje: de VENICE. Dé nieuwe Full Frame CineAlta camera die op 10 januari 2018 officieel in Nederland gelanceerd zal worden. Wees op 8 december welkom om als eerste in Nederland de VENICE te bewonderen. De camera staat opgesteld op de vloer (dus testen mag!) en een vertegenwoordiger van Sony zal al je vragen beantwoorden. In de nieuwe 4K bioscoop is de eerste showreel te zien die geschoten is met de VENICE. Bijzonder aan de camera is haar grote (36x24mm) Full Frame sensor, een 8 traps intern ND filter systeem, ondersteuning voor FF én Super35 lenzen, zowel anamorphic als sferisch, een verwisselbaar sensor blok en de optie voor RAW, ProRes of XAVC. Kom dus vooral even langs en zie als eerste hoe de camera ontworpen is. We zien jullie graag bij Camalot!