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Just in! The brand new ARRI ALEXA35. Now available at Camalot!

Tommy Hilfiger / The X shoot at De Republiek in Bloemendaal (The Netherlands). Shot on 4 ARRI Alexa Mini's and 1 RED MONSTRO. By Rolf Dekens. Check out our Instagram for more projects like these! πŸ’ͺ ->

Just in! The Angenieux Optimo Ultra Compact Standard 37-102mm! This new generation lens is full designed for FF format. Lightweight and compact, these lenses are among the lightest on the market. Thought for users, these lenses are the perfect addition to the Angenieux high-end Full Frame collection which already included the Optimo Ultra 12X and the Optimo Prime Series. πŸ‘‰ Check out this lens here ->

The Sony Venice 2 is now also available online on our website! πŸŽ₯ Check the specs of this camera here ->

It's here! The Sony Venice 2 8K! The first one in The Netherlands and now available at Camalot! πŸ™ŒπŸ» With Vocas Systems

Testers are already using a part of our office that has been newly renovated. Curious about what's going on in our office? Stay tuned! More pictures are coming up in the next couple of weeks!

Now complete! With the addition of the 27mm, 107mm and the 137mm the Tribe7 Blackwing lens set now consists of all the 7 lenses! πŸ‘‰ Check out this lens set here ->

An exclusive preview of the new Venice 8K from Sony and Vocas Sales & Services today, available at the end of February!

This workhorse just arrived in our office: the Cooke 10.4-52mm Super 16 Zoom. The lens if you want a Cooke look on a Super 16 zoom lens. πŸ‘‰ Check it out here ->

The newest addition to our Blackwing lensset just arrived: the Blackwing 37mm. This set now consists of 4 lenses! πŸ‘‰ Check out our current set here ->

Look what just came in! The brand new Blackwing lenses by Tribe7 Every BLACKWING7 lens allows the optical performance in the range to be uniquely configured and tuned. We have decided to take the Transient tuning, which offers subtle halations, conβ€Ίtrolled flares and accentuated roll-off, while keeping contrast in the center. The full set of 7 lenses will be complete early next year, ranging from 27mm to 137mm. For now, we have these three beauties to begin with! All lenses are around 1.5kg, T1.9 and have a 14 blade iris. πŸ‘‰ Check out our current set here ->

We wish you Merry Christmas & all the best for 2022! πŸŽ„ πŸŽ† From December 21 until January 8 our office will be open from 08:00-17:00. With the exception of the following dates: DECEMBER 24: 08:00 - 16:00 DECEMBER 31: 08:00 - 16:00 If you have any questions about coming to our office, please send us a message or call us. Stay safe and enjoy the time with your relatives!

New! The Radiant Soft serie filters. These new filters expand Schneider-Kreuznach’s diffusion filter line, bringing cinematographers and photographers the ability to give their subject’s skin a radiant, soft glow, while still having control over the contrast, as well as controlling the highlights with very little blooming effect. Check out the effect in the images below. For more information, send us as message or call our office!

There they are, in full glory! All the Angenieux Optimo Prime lenses! πŸ™Œ Now available at Camalot Amsterdam in a set of 8 or 12 lenses! Check them out here ->

With a visit from Angenieux we celebrate the arrival of the 200mm Optimo Prime. Many thanks to Angenieux Lenses for allowing us to take delivery of the first set in Europe, now fully complete with 12 lenses! πŸ‘‰ You can find this lens here ->

Introducing the ARRI Hi-5 Hand Unit. This is the newest and most sophisticated hand unit on the market, providing reliable wireless camera and multi-axis lens control. Our set even includes pre-marked focus rings! πŸ‘‰ Check out the product here ->

This beast of a lens just arrived in our office: the Cooke Anamorphic/i 1.8x SF FF+ 180mm. Smaller Cooke lens for comparison! πŸ’ͺ This lens represents the next logical step in the evolution of filmmaking: large format production with anamorphic characteristics, including flare and oval bokeh. Check out this lens on our website ->

Wooha! This just arrived in our office! πŸ™Œ These are ARRI/Zeiss Ultra 16 Prime lenses. Available as a set, consisting of 5 lenses, ranging from 6 to 14mm. ⏩ More info about these lenses here ->

Look at this beast, the Leitz PRIME 180mm! The Leitz PRIME lens set, consisting of 12 lenses, is now complete! ⏩ More about this lens ->

Let us (re-)introduce you to the ARRI Signature Primes! A brand new set of 8 lenses, ranging from 18mm up to 125mm, now provides even more full-frame lens choices. They have been designed to render organic, emotionally engaging images, gently softening and texturizing the large format with natural skin tones and creamy bokeh. A fast T-stop of T1.8 facilitates shallow depth of field and the smooth focus fall-off gives subjects heightened presence in the frame. ⏩ Check out our product page for more information ->