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The look of a new (and clean) product is always really satisfying. We immediately got that feeling when we received our new SmallHD 703 Bolt Wireless Monitors. What's new about this monitor? It has a built-in Bolt 500 receiver and it comes with handles and a strap. ⏩ Check out the product here -> Shoot us a message (or come by the office) if you want to know more!

Look at this! This massive lens just arrived in our office a couple of hours ago: the Angenieux Optimo Ultra 12x. This lens features a totally new optical and mechanical design compared to the Optimo 24-290 & 28-340. It is available in three versions: S35 (24-290mm, T2.8), U35 (26-320mm, T3.1) or FF (36-435mm, T4.2). This last version will be available from early 2019. ⏩ Check it out here -> Let us know if you have any questions or if you want to try it out!

What do you think of the new serie Mocro Maffia? If you haven't seen it, it's out now on Videoland! 🍿

Do you want to create unique lense flare effects but struggling to find the best way to do it? We introduce the Flarestick. This shaped glass stick can easily be placed in front of the camera lens and into the desired position. You can quickly create the desired blurring and reflection effects and the intensity while moving the Flaresticks. They come in a set of 5. ⏩ Check out the product here ->

Two new Arricams just arrived: the Arricam LT and the Arricam ST! Can you pinpoint the differences? The Arricam ST is intended as a full-capability camera, including two camera magazine mounting configurations, whereas the Arricam LT is optimized for smaller, lightweight usage in handheld and Steadicam application, with only the option to mount the magazine in the rear position. ⏩ Check out these cameras here ->

Have you seen the new Hudson Bay commercial already? If not, watch it here! It was shot, entirely, with the new ORION Anamorphic Prime lenses. The commercial is produced by Holy Fools, directed by Tobias Pekelharing and shot by Floris van der Lee.

Let us introduce to you a new member of the Ambient family: the Ambient ACN-LS Lockit Slate! New is the double brightness at less than half of the power consumption (compared to its predecessor) and the slate includes ACN (Ambient Clockit Network) support, metadata, clap time transfer, and logging. This works perfect together with the Ambient Lockit ACL-204, ACN-ML and nano Lockit. ⏩ Check out the product here ->

Mindbending! The Elite Reverse Perspective. In Reverse Perspective the expected visual rules are inverted, so close objects are small and far objects are big. This is not only true for whole objects, but their structure as well. So the near points of an object are closer together, relative to its far points. The effect is achieved entirely in-camera, perspective is truly reversed. ▶️ Watch (and enjoy) the video we shot last year!

Because we get many requests for the infrared filter we would like to summarise how each filter distinguishes itself: ☑️ The Standard IR filter (720nm) allows for good colour for false colour and good contrast for black and white. ☑️ The Ultra Colour filter (590nm) lets more visible light in. This produces extreme vibrant colours. ☑️ The Extra Colour filter (665nm) has an effect between the 720nm and the 590nm, producing colours such as pale yellow leafs and brighter blue skies. ☑️ The Deep Black & White filter (850nm), the filter for a dedicated black and white IR. It will produce bright whites and pronounced darks. ▶️ Watch the video of Freek Zonderland for a demonstration!

New at Camalot Amsterdam, the Musashi Optmag expander for full-frame. It enables you to attach a Super 35mm format PL-mount lens to cameras with a full frame sensor, without vignetting. This opens up a lot more possibilities to use our lenses. Check it out here ->

Wow, check out this beautiful commercial! We provided the gear for this shoot. They are shot on the Arriflex 235 4-Perf with Cooke S3's!

▶️ An impression of what you can achieve with the Bokkelux lenses!

Bokeh bokeh! We just received these five special lenses in our office. Special? Why? These are Bokkelux Series cinema lenses, developed by Bokkeh-Optics and it is the only set in the world! The lenses are apochromatic so chromatic abberration is almost non existent. The lenses offer T2 and are equipped with a 12 blade iris, creating a soft and smooth bokeh. 👉 More information about these lenses can be found on our website ->

▶️ Check out the results you can get with the ORION Series Anamorphic lenses. Video by Atlas Lens Co.

▶️ Check out the results you can get with the ORION Series Anamorphic lenses. Video by Atlas Lens Co.

Woohoo! This just arrived in our office! The ORION Series Anamorphic lenses. They are now available in a set of 3 (45mm, 65mm and 100mm). Next year we will also be renting out the 3 other lenses and thereby the entire set. As Atlas Lens Co. says, these lenses deliver the striking beauty of painterly waterfall bokeh, disproportionate breathing, and signature but controlled flare. They are made as an universal filmmaking tool, ready for the latest Digital Cinema PL and EF mount cameras. They can be changed quickly between a PL and EF mount with an interchangeable mount system. ⏩ If you want to know more, send us a message or call us. You can find the lenses here ->

Because we get many requests for the infrared filter here is a summary of the different effects. The Standard IR Filter (720nm) allows for good color for false color, and good contrast for black and white. The Ultra Color filter (590nm) lets more visible light in, producing extreme vibrant colors. Leafs will be golden yellow, and skies will be bright blue. The Extra color filter (665nm) has an effect between the 720nm and 590nm, producing more vibrant colors which results in pale yellow leafs and brighter blue skies. And last but not least the Deep Black and White filter (850nm), the filter for a dedicated black and white IR. It will produce bright whites and pronounced darks. ▶️ Watch the video of Freek Zonderland for a demonstration!

Another one from our collection of rehoused lenses is the Canon K35 (set of 7). These cinema lenses were i.a. used in the film Alien (1986) and are unique in that they are vintage and super-speed cinema lenses which also happen to cover Full Frame sensors. Our partners at True Lens Services (TLS) rehoused these lenses for mechanical precision, without sacrificing the optical quality or look. The lenses are stunning and the new mechanical design allows for the most demanding focus situations. We also have a 200mm lens available, which is rehoused by G.L. Optics. ⏩ You can find the Canon K35 set here ->

From our collection of rehoused lenses: the Bausch & Lomb Super Baltar (set of 7)! First introduced by Bausch & Lomb in the mid-1960s, Super Baltar lenses were originally designed to be compatible with Mitchell BNCR cameras and are best-known for their use on The Godfather and The Godfather: Part II. True Lens Services (TLS) re-engineered these lenses to make them usable for this modern time. With warm, low contrasts and unique flare characteristics, these lenses are perfect for creating vintage visuals to give your project a classic and distinct retro look. ⏩ You can check out this product here ->