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We celebrated 20 years of Camalot on Friday the 15th of December, thanks to you all for making it a great party! All shots by MAZHO Photography

New lenses: rehoused Hasselblad from our friends at Whitepoint Optics Oy, covering full frame!

We bought new batteries! The bebob Cube 1200 delivers power to your camera and all sorts of accessories on any location. All standard outputs are integrated: 12, 24, and even 48 Volt. The charger is built-in, just plug in the power cable and you are good to go. Oh and yes: it also charges your phone 😉

In de ochtend van 8 december (09:00-12:00) zal er een hands-on zijn met Sony's nieuwe paradepaartje: de VENICE. Dé nieuwe Full Frame CineAlta camera die op 10 januari 2018 officieel in Nederland gelanceerd zal worden. Wees op 8 december welkom om als eerste in Nederland de VENICE te bewonderen. De camera staat opgesteld op de vloer (dus testen mag!) en een vertegenwoordiger van Sony zal al je vragen beantwoorden. In de nieuwe 4K bioscoop is de eerste showreel te zien die geschoten is met de VENICE. Bijzonder aan de camera is haar grote (36x24mm) Full Frame sensor, een 8 traps intern ND filter systeem, ondersteuning voor FF én Super35 lenzen, zowel anamorphic als sferisch, een verwisselbaar sensor blok en de optie voor RAW, ProRes of XAVC. Kom dus vooral even langs en zie als eerste hoe de camera ontworpen is. We zien jullie graag bij Camalot!

M-M-M-MONSTRO 8K Vista Vision by RED Digital Cinema. Enjoy 8K (8192×4320) with the new Full Frame Vista Vision (40.96x21.60mm) sensor. IPP2 processing, 60 fps at 8K, 300 fps at 2K, .r3d, ProRes, and DNx internal recording and 17 stops of dynamic range. Available at your favourite rental in Amsterdam.

Whoa! 🎉We are the very first rental (worldwide!!) te receive the Leica R Cinescope Optics lens set! A combination of rehoused #Summilux and #Elmarit photo lenses that cover the full frame image sensor. Conversion is done by our friends from TLS. A total of 7 primes, going from 19mm up to 135mm. The signature Leica look with full-frame coverage is available at Camalot now. #Leica #Cinescope #TLS #TrueLensServices #Vintage #Lenses #Cinematography #Cinema

The #Sigma High Speed FF Prime Lenses are part of our investment in high quality Full Frame optics. With the upcoming Sony #Venice and #RED #Visa #Vision Camera a full frame (Ø43.3) image circle is needed to cover the larger sensor size. The Sigma Prime Set includes 20, 24, 35, 50 and 85mm lenses, all offering a fast T1.5 stop. For "regular" Super35 we also got the Sigma High Speed Zooms: 16-35mm and 50-100mm, both T2.0. See all specification here: More full frame glass is on it's way, so expect a lot more 😊

On the last day of the IBC in Amsterdam, interested operators can take the QTAKE Certification Program (QCP), an official qualification issued by #QTAKE Smart Assist under the management of Ovide. See below for more details and registration!

Look what came in the mail today 😊 #Leica #Summicron-C #15mm

To create nightlife imagery of nocturnal bats our VariCam LT was used using Panasonic's IR cut glass. This detachable filter allows 4K infrared images to be acquired in extreme darkness. The footage comes from EMS Films (known for De nieuwe wildernis) and will be used for their upcoming nature documentary: De Wilde Stad, coming to cinemas 16 november.

The new Film and Digital Times issue is out now. Take a look to see a special report on the discovery of our Anamorphic #Dyaliscope lenses, and much more interesting news. Limited time free download at the link below, or come and collect a printed issue from our office!

Take a look at the incredible first footage shot on our ARRI Film cameras, the #ARRIFLEX235 and the #ARRICAMLT, using Master Prime lenses and Kodak Motion Picture Film 500T and 200T.

Errrr.... Seems like our slogan "High-end Digital Cinema" should now read: "High-end Digital & Analog Cinema" 😜 We've added the ARRIFLEX 235 and ARRICAM LT to our catalog, and more is on it's way.. Come rent these analog beauties now! 🎥

Happy to help out Geoff Boyle this week as he is testing 19 (!) of the latest cinema camera's (ARRI, RED Digital Cinema, Canon Nederland, Sony, Panasonic Benelux, Blackmagic Design, etc.). Results will be on Cinematography Mailing List in the upcoming month! 🎥

Wij van Camalot feliciteren Herman en zijn ploeg met het winnen van de Camalot Commercial Award 2017!

Afraid of scratching the glass on one of our lenses? Try shooting without it! We made a quick video with our new Zero Optik 35mm pinhole lens, shot on Sony A7S II. The lens has three interchangeable pinholes (f/87.5, f/175 and f/350) and comes in PL Mount. Use this special lens for creating a unique soft atmosphere with a deep depth of field. See more pictures in the comments below!

Testing our new LTO array backup system for Camalot Services! #data #backup

We've added the ARRI Master Grips to our catalog! They provide full control of focus, iris and zoom settings on cine lenses, including adjustable motor speed, zoom response and motor limits. Moreno was eager to try them out, come by to test them yourself! 🎥

Vroom vroom! We have the #ARRI Master Grips available right now!

After a long wait, we are very happy to receive our set of #Scorpio #Anamorphics from our friends at Servicevision. These small and lightweight lenses are T2.2, come in Feet and Meter scales and cover a large image diameter. The first set consists of the 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. In the near future, many more lenses will become available, ranging from 20mm all the way to 300mm. Please contact us for more information!