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About Camalot

Camalot is a Digital Cinema rental company located on the Amstel Business Park, close to the beltway around Amsterdam. The Amstel Business Park is the oldest film area in The Netherlands where studios, production companies and all other necessary rental facilities are located. In 1997 Philippe Vié and Bernd Lesscher founded Camalot, after years of experience at different rental and production companies. At that time there were no rental companies in Amsterdam who specialized in professional video equipment, especially adjusted to the demands of filmers. 

Since 1997

With the release of the Sony HDW-F900, and more importantly, the P&S Technik Pro-35 adapter in 2002, Camalot was the first rental company in the world to transition to Digital Cinema, by using 35mm film lenses on video cameras. In order to support the increasing demand of these lenses, Camalot invested a lot of energy in finding the right mix of lenses to offer. However, the demand of PL Mount lenses would soon increase even more, with the release of digital cameras with large 35mm sensors. In September 2007, Camalot was the first rental company in Europe, and one of the first in the world, to order the RED One camera. Serial numbers 44, 45, 46, 47 and 48 were delivered to our door in January 2008.


Nowadays, Camalot provides many high-end digital camera rentals for the European market. The areas we work in are mostly feature film, television drama, commercials and documentaries. We stock a wide variety of cameras, by ARRI, Canon, Panasonic, Sony & RED, and large collection of 35mm lenses, including the latest full frame lenses, many anamorphics and even more vintage & rehoused sets. Since January 2018, Yke Erkens & Sebastiaan van Zuylen are the new Managing Directors of Camalot, while Bernd and Philippe are staying on as Advisors. Looking to the future, Camalot will keep investing in new and exciting technologies and will keep striving to always offer the latest and greatest equipment for our clients.