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Camalot specializes in High-End Digital Cinema Rentals and is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Our Equipment fast_forward
This is our selection of our latest full-frame vintage lenses: 👉 The Minolta ROKKOR lenses (set of 11) 👉 The Mamiya 645 lenses (set of 6) 👉 The Canon FD lenses (set of 7) 👉 The Kowa-R lenses (set of 7) These lenses all have their own unique quality, producing its own unique effects like colorful sunflares, unique haze, and interesting bokeh. They are all rehoused (by either TLS or Ancient Optics) which makes them perfect when filming full frame professionally. 👉 Shoot us a message if you have any questions!
Just in! A very unique set of vintage lenses: the Kowa-R Full Frame lens set. Rehoused by TLS. This set consists of 7 lenses ranging from 19 to 135mm. TLS replaced the original irises with matte finished 16-blade irises, and they greatly improved close focus on every focal length. These lenses perform well wide open, sharp but not clinical, low contrast, some barrel distortion on the wider lenses, beautiful pronounced flares, and soft pleasing bokeh. Perfect for full frame cameras! 👉 Want to find out more about these lenses? Send us a messsage or check out this product on our website ->
This huge lens set just came in! This is the Minolta ROKKOR lens set that has been rehoused by Ancient Optics. This set consists of 11 lenses with focal lenghts ranging from 21mm to 200mm. The Minolta ROKKOR primes are full frame lenses, with a varying T stop: from T 1.3 to T2.9. Each lens has a universal front diameter of 110mm, making them perfect for swapping filters. 👉 Curious? Check out this set on our website ->

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including the ARRI Alexa LF, Sony Venice, RED Monstro VV and many Full Frame, Vintage & Anamorphic lenses


Cinema grade imagery for your live show? With multiple camera setups and proven expertise we can help you get the most out of your production

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Our growing Services facility helps you in all stages of production, including post workflows and on set data management