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Camalot specializes in High-End Digital Cinema Rentals and is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Our Equipment fast_forward

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Our Equipment fast_forward
Shot on the Angenieux Optimo Primes and Optimo Zoom lenses 🔥 Read the blog post on @angenieuxlenses Repost @angenieuxlenses: New testimonial on our blog! 🎥🔥✍️ DP @trevorcalverley happily used the Angénieux Optimo Primes and Optimo zoom lenses to shoot “Heart of the Hunter”, a new Netflix SA feature film released today and directed by @mandlakayise_dube! “I also really enjoyed the contrast of the primes. As sensors get better and better, it is important that the glass can perform well in high contrast environments and hold the highlight details. Especially as we are able to grade detail back into highlights, the lenses need to be able to maintain that detail. We were often working in the Karoo, which is essentially a desert environment with super harsh African sun, and the lenses performed admirably.” Read the full testimonial in our link in bio! Photo Courtesy of Mandla Dube and Netflix SA. #Angenieux #Angenieuxlenses #fullframecinematography #sonyvenice #op
Now available at Camalot! The Duvo HZK 24-300mm Portable Zoom Lens from Fujinon! This is a compact and lightweight dual-format PL-mount zoom lens that can cover both Super35 and full frame sensors. Boasting a maximum aperture of T2.9, when paired with select cinema-type sensors, the lens will deliver desirable results with shallow depth-of-field and attractive bokeh. A built-in extender facilitates the expansion of the image circle by 1.5x, shifting the focal length to 36-450mm. Check out the lens here 👉
29-03 It’s been a while! Maar de behind the scenes zijn te leuk om niet te delen! We gingen helemaal back to the 90’s voor de nieuwste Hema! 📽️ #behindthescenes #hema #commercial #production #bettercallsol

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Staying up to date with the latest technology is what we do best:

High-End Rental

including the ARRI Alexa LF, Sony Venice, RED Monstro VV and many Full Frame, Vintage & Anamorphic lenses


Cinema grade imagery for your live show? With multiple camera setups and proven expertise we can help you get the most out of your production

DIT & On Set

Our growing Services facility helps you in all stages of production, including post workflows and on set data management