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Camalot specializes in High-End Digital Cinema Rentals and is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Our Equipment fast_forward

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Our Equipment fast_forward
For the real enthousiast! The Century 9.8mm T2.3. This lens is a rehoused Kinoptik Tégéa 9.8mm T2.3 by Century Precision Optics, which has an internal 2×2 filter capability and is designed to cover the 35mm film format. It comes with 4 filters that can be inserted into the lens. Curious what it can do for you? Send us a message or call us for more info! ;)
Welcome to the world of infrared! Infrared filters are now available at Camalot. They are perfect for adding to a full spectrum conversion or on top of another infrared conversion to get a different effect. Every filter has its advantages but all of them are perfect for creating attention grabbing nature/landscapes. We have 4 different IR filters (590nm, 665nm, 720nm and 850nm) that are available in 1 set. In the upcoming weeks we will be sharing some useful tips about these 4 different filters. ▶️ Watch this 19 minute clip if you're interested to see the different effects. Any questions? Shoot us a message!
Former Pink Floyd bass guitar player Roger Waters performed last weekend in the Ziggo Dome. What an incredible show and we were excited to be part of it! For all his concerts in the Ziggo Dome we distributed a set of 20 cameras, of which 13 were RED Helium's and 7 of them RED Monstro's (with the appropriate lenses). This exclusive high-end production was shot in 8K with Vista Vision lenses. The very comprehensive grip package consisted of a movie bird, multiple dollies and flying equipment. 📸 by Johan van Elk! Also many thanks to United and Angenieux Lenses!

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including the ARRI Alexa LF, Sony Venice, RED Monstro VV and many Full Frame, Vintage & Anamorphic lenses


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